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Microcontroller Based Spot Welding Controller Spotpic


  • Compact user-friendly micro controller based circuitry.
  • Double initiation foot switch, FS1 operates the solenoid valve and FS2 controls welding operation.
  • Non-Volatile Memory (EEPROM) to store up to 15 weld schedules.
  • Easy to program with UP / DOWN and ENTER keys. A two-digit LED display indicates set values. Individual operations within a weld schedule indicated by LEDs.

  • Key lock Switch provided for SET & RUN mode. WELD / NO WELD switch provided on the front panel.
  • Timings settable in terms of HALF / FULL cycles of mains supply frequency to achieve better resolution. Precise time and energy control ensures consistent weld quality.
  • Relay contact output provided to actuate the Motor Drive of the welding machine.

  • Specifications

  • Input Supply : 230V / 415V AC, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Output : Gate-Cathode Drive signal to drive a pair of back to back thyristors of any capacity.

  • Compensation : Supply voltage fluctuation compensation. (Output voltage remains within ± 3 % as against ± 15% variation in mains voltage).

  • Trigger : External Normally Open contact of footswitch or limit switch.

  • Adjustment of various parameters possible as per table :

    Squeeze Time 0-99 half cycles
    Slope for Weld (W1) 0-9 half cycles
    Weld Time 0-99 half cycles
    Weld Energy 0-99% Programmable
    Cool Time 0-99 Half cycles
    Hold Time 0-99 half cycles
    Applications :
  • Resistance Seam welding machines of Any Capacity/ Any Make.